Closing chemicals- 15 kg kit

Closing chemicals- 15 kg kit

Closing chemicals- 15 kg kit

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Kit chemicals for winter closing of the pool. Last treatment to safeguard the water during the winter.


It Consists of: 5 Kg granular chlorine - 5 Lt wintering algaecide - 5 kg ph minus

1 kit 15 kg is sufficient for pools up to 40 cubic meters of water.

Thoroughly clean the bottom and the surface of the pool, with the net, and proceed to clean with the vacuum head or with the robot cleaner if you have one.
Carefully clean the skimmer baskets, or in the case of infinity pools thoroughly clean the grids for the collection of water.
Check the pH and bring in a range of values between 7.2 and 7.6.
Perform an accurate backwash sand filter,
Perform a shock treatment with chlorine powder (Diklor Super).
Leave recirculated for 24 hours.
Enter the product wintering in the pool.
Cover the pool with a winter cover and adjust the pump to a minimum. Leave in recirculation for 48 hours

IMPORTANT - in any case and in any type of pool NEVER LEAVE THE POOL EMPTY!

Our products are registrated at the Italian Institute of Health (Istituto Superiore di Sanità, ISS) with the following codes: Chlorine 15700-9, Ph Minus 17800-5, Wintering algaecide AUT-183-8.

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