Robot pulitore Dolphin F60 Gyro Timer Bluetooth per piscina in piastrelle con spazzole Kanebo

Dolphin F60 robot cleaner with IOT technology and kanebo brushes for tiled pools

Dolphin F60 robot cleaner with IOT technology and kanebo brushes for tiled pools

Dolphin F60 Gyro pool robot Bluetooth timer with sponge kanebo brushes for swimming pools covered with tiles, mosaic, repainted concrete.



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Dolphin F60, the most advanced swimming pool robot by Maytronics


The third brush is supplied!

3 years of total guarantee and maximum efficiency and precision regarding the cleaning of your swimming pool, thanks to the 4wd mode. I present to you, on behalf of, with pride and pleasure, the spearhead of the Maytronics family; the most hi-tech robot ever: the Dolphin F60!
It is the number one cleaner and the most complete! It adapts to all types of pools up to 7x14 with slopes and / or with diving areas. In addition, it cleans steps and relaxation areas without problems and has a selectable double filtering level: 70 microns for roughing and macro-dirt and 30 microns for ultra-fine deposits such as iron, limestone and dust. You just have to think about having fun, the super technological Dolphin F60 pool robot will do the rest!
The rear and front brush divided into 4 sections is optimal for continuously scratching and degreasing the pool surface and when it reaches the wall, at the water level, it creates a real hydro effect, guaranteeing the oxygenation of the water itself. In addition, the handy Caddy trolley, the "My Dolphin" App by Maytronics that connects to the IoT transformer and the third active brush are supplied.

But what is the third active brush of the Dolphin F60?
In the lower part of the pool robot in question, there is a third brush that is capable of rotating 30% faster than the other 4. This plus allows you to scratch and brush, in an optimal way, even the joints or lines dirtier and more encrusted than the bottom of the tank.
The Dolphin Gyro (gyroscope) patent is a real exclusive of this pool robot model. In fact, when it rotates 90 degrees it is super precise and able to reach the ends of the pool faster, increasing its efficiency. The management of the spaces to be cleaned, then, takes place with a digital scan of the volumes.
Another characterizing aspect of the Dolphin F60 Maytronics is the App that allows you to guide it during its work cycle in the pool. By downloading "My Dolphin" you can maneuver it by hand, leading it to specific areas and corners of the pool, by dragging the controller in the desired directions. In this way, quickly and efficiently cleaning hard-to-reach places will no longer be a problem!
Not only technology and progress, but also attention to energy saving and, consequently, economic: did you know that your Dolphin pool robot can make you lower your electricity consumption by more than 70%? Yes, exactly! In fact, an average pool robot filters over 15 mc / h exactly like a professional filtration system, but the absorption of a cleaner never exceeds 180w, therefore much less than a normal filtration pump.
Therefore, I recommend you to use your new Dolphin pool robot every 2 days or at any rate, to clean up the water after a storm or perhaps after a day of bathing, with friends and relatives.

And in case your pool robot starts to get a tantrum? No problem! Contact our Maytronics authorized service center. We also have a showroom and warehouse with all products ready for delivery and with home delivery in 24-48 hours.
If you have any doubts or need information, I am at your disposal.I leave you my contact details: you can call me at 334/1491755 or send me a message via WhatsApp or iMessage. Alternatively, an email to
In addition, you who always like to have a completely sanitized mirror of water and enjoy it in total relaxation, I suggest you maybe even have the exclusive swimming pool analyzer, all hi-tech! I'm talking about the indispensable Blue Connect, which through the App can allow you to enjoy your swimming pool and monitor it anywhere on your smartphone. Our "Conny Blue" can notify you of the following values: temperature, Ph, ORP, oxygenation / conductivity.
Hi Danny, the pool robot expert Dolphin Maytronics!


It is the brand new transformer connected to the Cloud Maytronics that connects you to your robot 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. It allows you to manage the robot remotely and receive proactive notifications via the App.

The transformer has only one button. The colored LEDs show the status of the cleaner and make it easier to understand.
- BLUE = the transformer is turned on
- GREEN = Weekly timer activated
- RED = error

Thanks to the new IoT tasformer you can connect to your robot not only via Wi-Fi but also via Bluetooth.

What can you do with the MyDolphin ™ App?
- You can program the WEEKLY TIMER with which you can decide the automatic switch on of the cleaner - every day - every two days - every 3 days.
- You can activate manual navigation to direct the robot to specific areas of the pool.
- Programs and actions the cleaner remotely.
- Receive alerts and notifications, robot software updates with the latest features. In addition, the proactive service allows Maytronics to send alerts and maintenance tips.


Internal gyroscope navigation system
The internal gyroscope keeps navigation stable and ensures maximum cleaning efficiency

Maximum hygiene
Equipped with third active rotating brush. The energetic brushing action allows the most accurate elimination of algae and bacteria. The unique triple action efficiency of the brushing eliminates algae and bacteria leaving the pool water clear and pure and reducing the need to use chemicals.

Reliable filtration in all conditions
The exclusive two-phase filtration system ensures a pool free of dust and debris, without clogging, leaving the water clear and pure everywhere. Double cartridge kit (50 micron and 100 micron) supplied.
Thanks to the check valves, the robot is able to retain dirt in large quantities, without ever pouring it into the pool, even when the robot is removed from the water.

Easy and effective
Advanced technologies offer precise scanning and total cleaning efficiency anywhere up to the waterline, in minimal time and without intervention.

Super convenient maintenance
The filter system with cartridges that can be removed from the top of the cleaner, allows you to extract the filter cartridges with a simple click, simply washable under running water.

Swivel anti-wear cable
Dolphin Maytronics patent which allows the floating cable not to tangle. The swivel is a plastic component made with a high precision modeling process and equipped with specific components to transfer the electric current and the signal to the robot in a constant and regular way.
The resistant structure of the swivel prevents the electric cable from tangling while the robot moves around the pool. Thanks to the swivel, cable maintenance is simplified and a longer life is guaranteed for the cleaning robot.

Simplified brush change
In the Dolphin F60 model the brush change procedure has been simplified, in fact in this model it is sufficient to press the side casing, at the height of the roller, to extract it. It is no longer essential to completely disassemble the robot to replace the brushes.

Dolphin F60 is part of the Zavatti EXCLUSIVE LINE.
Zavatti is not only an official dealer but also a service center, you can find us on the official Maytronics website.

EXCLUSIVE LINE: the + reliable + ecological + performing robots of the Dolphin line.

FOCUS CLEAN SYSTEM: focusing / recognition of dirty areas in the pool.
Thanks to the CleverClean scanning system, the robot scans and knows the pool.
GEO SMART SYSTEM: In the first 5 minutes the cleaner performs a diagnosis of the dimensions and obstacles of the swimming pool, thus optimizing the remaining minutes of the cleaning cycle.
Thanks to the Wall Detector system, the robot ensures optimized coverage of the pool of any shape, recognizing the walls accurately.
ECOPOWER SYSTEM: maximum power only when needed, thus optimizing consumption. The suction force is maximized only in case of need.
FLOATING CABLE of the latest generation.
ECOLOGICAL ROBOT made with recyclable materials:
- over 1000 cleaning cycles guaranteed with the same ultra-resistant filter, reduction of waste and waste
- ultra-resistant brushes, guaranteed over 1000 cycles
- intelligent digital transformer with automatic voltage regulation
- great energy saving, the robot cleans and oxygenates the water with a consumption of 150W, one tenth of the consumption of the filtration system. The waste of water due to backwashing and the consumption of chemical products are reduced.

Features and benefits of Dolphin F60:
- Brush, rub, vacuum and filter on all surfaces of the pool including bottom, walls and water flow line.
- New advanced technology allows for optimal scanning and coverage of the pool in a shorter period of time.
- Equipped with third active rotating brush. The energetic brushing action allows the most accurate elimination of algae and bacteria.
- Patented cartridge filter accessible from above, for easier maintenance.
- Patented multi-filter system (MFS): Ultra fine, ultra fine single use and roughing filter.
- Non-return valves to prevent the loss of debris and ensure rapid water drainage, during extraction from the tank.
- The adjustable floats allow an efficient scan of the pool
- Automatic motor protection mechanism.
- Low voltage motor with minimum energy consumption.
- Double motor for perfect maneuverability and scanning of the tank regardless of the shape, slope and obstacles on the bottom of the tank.
- Automatic shutdown at the end of the cycle.
- DIY - easy maintenance "do it yourself".
- Suitable swimming pools with beach entrance.
- Suitable for swimming pools with heights ranging from 40 cm to 5 meters.
- Works properly with temperatures from 6 ° to 34 °.
- IoT transformer that connects you to the Maytronics cloud
- With built-in gyroscope that improves scan accuracy and maneuverability.
- Transport trolley included
- Total 36 months warranty -> register on the Maytronics website to activate the warranty!

Technical features:
- Pool length: 12-15 m
- Working cycle: 2.5 hours
- Cleaning area: bottom + walls + waterline
- Cleaning programs: unique
- Filtration: 100 micron fine cartridge + 50 micron extra fine cartridge
- Brushes: combined (for all types of coating) + active brush
- Access to the filter: from above
- Transformer: Weekly timer
- Cart: included
- Cable length: 18 m + swivel
- Suction power: 17 mc / h

Insured shipping against loss and damage FREE
The robot is shipped by express courier and the shipment is insured. In case of loss and damage, a new robot will be sent within 2 working days of the request.

FREE "Pro" Consulting
In case of difficulty of use or problems of any nature, you will receive immediate technical assistance through the major communication channels such as telephone, fax, email or through the new technological channels such as Whatsapp and iMessage at 334.1491755 or live chat.

Zavatti is the official Maytronics Italia service center
If under warranty, for malfunctions or failures, the robot will be picked up at our expense and checked directly at our office. We check the robots by carrying out accurate tests that allow to identify any type of defect. Within 24 hours the robot will be repaired and sent back by express courier.

For over 40 years, for two generations, first in the large showroom and then also online, the Zavatti family has always offered the best selection of swimming pool products.
Shop safely on our e-commerce site, as if you had come to visit us in the showroom.
Be wary of simple online retailers, who don't have a solid structure behind them.
For doubts or clarifications call Danny at n. 3341491755, Whatsapp chat also available.

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