99991079-F6 Dolphin Maytronics F60 Gyro Timer Bluetooth pool robot

99991079-F6 Dolphin Maytronics F60 Gyro Timer Bluetooth pool robot

99991079-F6 Dolphin Maytronics F60 Gyro Timer Bluetooth pool robot

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New DOLPHIN F60 Gyro Timer Bluetooth by Maytronics recommended for cleaning pools up to 12-15 m in length. Dolphin F60 represents a significant technological leap in the cleaning of swimming pools, created on the basis of Maytronics' long experience. The only cleaner for residential pools that includes swivel, gyroscope, timer, third active brush and Bluetooth app.

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Electric cleaner for swimming pool up to 15 m in lenght. Suitable to clean pool floors, walls, corners and water line so it's recommended for pools with variable height and stairs.

Thanks to the new Dolphin Maytronics Power Supply WEEKLY TIMER you could choose the automatically turn on of the pool cleaner: every day - every two days - every 3 days.
Double insulated with thermal switch protection. It prevents and protects the cleaning robot in case of rush current.

Features and advantages of Dolphin F60:
• Brush and aspires floor walls and water line swing.
• The new technology ensures optimal scanning and pool coverage, in less time.
• Triple active brushing for better elimination of algae and bacteria.
• Cartridge filter with top access for easy maintenance.
• Multi-Filter System (MFS) patented: Ultra fine, ultra fine mono-use and roughing filter.
• One way water valve, Prevents escape of debris and Ensures rapid water drainage
• Adjustable floats allow efficient scanning in different pool sizes
• Low voltage motor Provides minimal energy consumption
• Dual-drive motor for optimal pool maneuverability and coverage, regardless of shape, slope and obstacles.
• Automatic motor protection mechanism.
• It is switched off automatically at the end of cycle
• This robot is suitable for pools with height from 40 centimeters to 5 meters.
• It works correctly with temperatures from 6 to 34 degrees.
• DIY - easy maintenance
• Suitable for beach entry pools.
• Digital power supply 100/250 V "Switch mode".
• With gyro

MyDolphin ™ app for pool cleaners
With this intuitive app you can register your Dolphin pool cleaner online and control it from a distance. You can take a quick look at the operating status of the robot and easily set all the functions.

Internal gyroscope navigation system
The internal gyro maintains stable navigation and ensures maximum cleaning efficiency

Maximum hygiene
Equipped with a third active rotating brush. The energetic brushing action allows the most accurate elimination of algae and bacteria. The unique triple action efficiency of the brush eliminates algae and bacteria leaving the pool water clear and pure and reducing the need to use chemicals.

Reliable filtration in all conditions
The exclusive two-stage filtration system ensures a pool free of dust and debris, without clogging, leaving the water clear and pure everywhere. Supplied with double cartridge kit (50 micron and 100 micron).
Thanks to the check valves the robot is able to retain dirt in large quantities, without ever pouring it into the pool, even when the robot is extracted from the water.

Easy and effective
Advanced technologies offer precise scanning and total cleaning efficiency anywhere up to the waterline, in minimal time and without intervention.

Super convenient maintenance
The filtering system with cartridges that can be removed from the top of the cleaner, with a simple click, allows the extraction of the filtering cartridges, which are simply washable under running water.

Anti-shrink Swivel cable
Maytronics Dolphin patent that allows the floating cable not to get tangled. The swivel is a plastic component made with a high precision modeling process and equipped with specific components to transfer the electric current and the signal to the robot in a constant and regular way.
The strong structure of the swivel prevents the electric cable from tangling while the robot moves in the pool. Thanks to swivel, cable maintenance is simplified and a longer life is guaranteed for the cleaner robot.

Change brushes simplified
In the Dolphin F60 model the brush change procedure has been simplified, in fact in this model it is sufficient to press the side casing, at the height of the roller, to extract it. It is no longer necessary to completely disassemble the robot to replace the brushes.

Technical features:
• Pool length: 12-15 m
• cycle: 2.5 hours
• Cleaning area: bottom + wall + waterline
• cleaning programs: regular
• Filtration: Ultra-fine and Spring net
• Brushes: combined (for all coating types) + active brush
• Access to the filter: the top
• Power supply: Weekly timer
• Caddy: included
• Cable: 18 m + swivel
• Suction power: 17 mc / h
Total warranty 36 months (24 months Dolphin + 12 months extended warranty on Maytronics website)

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