Summer kit Plus chemicals for pool

Summer kit Plus chemicals for pool

Summer kit Plus chemicals for pool

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Kit chemical products for the treatment of your pool: 5 kg Diklor Super + 5 kg ph Minus + 5 kg Algastop + 5 kg Tablok Super + Test-kit


Super offer! Kit chemicals for the opening and maintenance of the pool!
The kit includes:

  • DIKLOR-SUPER 5 kg - specific granular chlorine for the disinfection of swimming pool water public or private.
  • PH-MINUS 5 kg - specific product to lower the pH of the water
  • ALGADIS of 5 lt - Algaecide concentrated non-foaming prevents and eliminates algae, fungi and bacteria.
  • MULTIFUNCTION TABLETS 5 kg - product for proper maintenance of pH values, chlorine, algae - maintains the balance of the pool water thus reducing the use of other chemicals
  • TEST-KIT (chlorine and pH)

Our products are registrated at the Italian Institute of Health (Istituto Superiore di Sanità, ISS) with the following codes: Diklor Super 15700-9, Ph Minus 17800-5, Algadis 64800-4, Multifunction tablets 15201-4.

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