Special chemicals

Special pool chemicals

Sometimes the pool requires extraordinary maintenance, such as in the case of fouling of the walls or in the presence of limestone or iron in the water.
For these situations there are special chemicals:
The wintering product, our WINTER ALGASTOP, is used for the prevention of algae in winter, when the pool is covered and the water does not receive UV rays.
Our NOKRUST product is used to remove deposits from the inside or outside walls of the pool, to be used when the tank is empty.
The product called LINER CLEANER prevent and remove accumulations of grease and fat on the walls of the pool.
SANISTEP product is used to sanitize the water in the foot basins of public or private pools.
Increases water disinfection with the OXYPLUS product.
With the EXTRAFLOCK product, make the water clear and bright, removing the particles of grease and fat from the water before they settle on the wall.
NOFOAM product helps to remove the foam that can be formed in the pool with any detergent.
IRON and LIMESTONE SEQUAT products are used to remove iron or limestone from the water, depositing the particles of these on the bottom of the pool, making it possible for the cleaning robot to suck them.

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