Pool chemicals

Certified Pool chemicals

The choice of chemicals in the pool is essential.
In fact, it is necessary to know the dosages in order to keep the water in your pool beautiful and above all healthy and disinfected.
By choosing Zavatti's chemicals, certified by the Ministry of Health, you will have the certainty of knowing what you put in your pool.
Chlorine, ph and antilga are chimci products at the base of water management.
Knowing how to use them correctly means never being caught unprepared.
For you who have little time, our Tablok Super tablets are able to cover 99% the disinfection of the pool.
Our consultants in case of doubts are always at your disposal via email chat or WhatsApp.
With the latter in fact if you have doubts just send us a photo of the test kit with water values and a photo of the pool with the dimensions to have an immediate answer to your doubts.
We also remember the fundamental use of the test kit to constantly monitor the chlorine / ph values of your pool.
Zavatti has been manufacturing and distributing chemical products throughout Europe for over 30 years.
Your safety starts knowing who you are buying from, deliveries in 24/48 hours throughout Europe.

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