Seamaid led

Seamaid led pool lights

Light up your pool with the Seamaid LED lights proposed by Zavatti.
The LED lights have low power consumption with beautiful lighting effects. It is possible to choose white or multicolor light with different selectable light effects.

With the new LEDINPOOL line by SeaMaid, it is possible to choose quickly and easily from the various types of lamps according to their needs, in particular as regards:

  • THE REPLACEMENT: In this line we find all the PAR56 standard LED lamps that are specific for the replacement of the old 300W incandescent lamps, in which the headlight is still intact and in good condition.
  • THE RENOVATION: Includes all PAR56 ECOPROOF watertight lamps, suitable mainly for the renovation of swimming pools whose ABS floodlights have been damaged and spare parts are no longer available. Therefore, instead of replacing the entire headlight body, by purchasing the adapter kit together with the lamp, the old pool light can be completely restored and renewed.
  • THE CONSTRUCTION: Compatible with any type of pool and any structure, the flat projectors can be installed simply by screwing them onto a 1 "½ wall mount.They are ideal for new pools equipped with a PVC liner in which at PAR56 type of headlamp could create watertight problems.
  • THE ABOVE GROUND POOLS: Special spotlights dedicated to the above-ground swimming pool, they are simply installed on an existing intake nozzle in the pool.
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