Zodiac spare parts

Zodiac Pool robots accessories and spare parts

Has your Zodiac robot broken?

Do you need spare parts for your pool cleaner robot?

In this section you will find all the accessories and spare parts for Zodiac pool cleaners.

Tracks, crankcase, engine, transformer, trolley, wheels ... all the accessories always available for immediate delivery.

Find the spare parts for all Zodiac models: Indigo, Vortex, OV, Sweepy, Cybernaut ...

If you prefer to let us see the robot for a complete review contact us at n. +39 0386 740171 or by e-mail to info@zavattishop.com to request free collection at your home! The robot will be tested and we will send you a detailed estimate before proceeding with the repair.

Zavattishop - Zodiac spare parts
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