9999026 Dolphin Maytronics Wave 50 pool robot

9999026 Dolphin Maytronics Wave 50 pool robot

9999026 Dolphin Maytronics Wave 50 pool robot

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Dolphin pool robot WAVE 50 For pools up to 20 meters.
Cleans the bottom, walls and water line. Suitable for both residential and commercial pools. With double motor for every type of floor.


The Dolphin Wave 50 Commercial Swimming Pool Cleaner is recommended for pools up to 20 metres in length. It will clean the pool floor, walls and waterline.

Dolphin Wave 50 Features and benefits:

  • Scrubs, brushes, vacuums and filters the entire pool - floor, walls and waterline.
  • Advanced software enables efficient cleaning and maximises pool coverage.
  • Large self contained inner filter bag collects dirt and debris.
  • Disperses chemicals evenly in the pool, and reduces the use of chlorine and other chemicals.
  • Patented cable swivel prevents cable tangling.
  • Low voltage - low energy consumption.
  • Automatic shut off at end of cycle time.
  • Obstacle escape.
  • Motor protection mechanism in case of over load and out of water.
  • Suitable for beach entry pools.
  • Caddy for handling and storage.
  • Cable length 24 metres.
  • 36 months warranty
  • For Swimming Pools up to 15 metres.

Maytronics designed the Dolphin Wave 50 to provide you with hours of enjoyment in a clean, pure and hygienic pool.
Using the Dolphin Wave 50 in your swimming pool will help save water and energy, help to prevent germination of algae and bacteria. The Wave 50 is fully independent and is plug and play.

Dolphin Wave 50 Specs:
• Cycle time: 4 hours
• Cable length: 24 m (78ft)
• Filter porosity: ultra fine filtration
• Weigth: 9 kg (19 lbs)
• Suctiona rate: 17 m³ per hour
• Motor unite voltage: 24VDC

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