Robot pulitore piscina Dolphin Moby Pro

99996016-SWV Dolphin Maytronics Moby Pro pool robot

99996016-SWV Dolphin Maytronics Moby Pro pool robot

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Dolphin Moby Pro for cleaning the bottom and corners of pools up to 10 meters in length. Equipped with anti-twisting swivel cable, combined brushes and shelter stands.

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The Dolphin Moby Pro Pool Cleaner cleans pool floors and corners
This small affordable & easy-to-service robot has been designed to build new standards that you will not be able to live without. Take a look at Moby’s superior brushing, cleaning & scanning features as well as its corner cleaning & high filtering properties.
Moby - the modular self diagnostic residential pool robot superbly designed to win back your leisure time.

• Scrubs, Vacuums and filters the pool in just 3 hours.
• Powerful brushing performance.
• Cable swivel.
• Self contained inner filter bag collects dirt and debris.
• Autonomous unit - no pre-installation needed. no connections to the pool system.
• Self programmed for optimal scanning.
• Small, light weight and easy to handle.
• Filters debris from pool down to 70 microns.
• DIY - easy maintenance.
• Equipped with combined brushes.
• Complete with Stand.
• 24 months warranty.

Maytronics Dolphin Moby Specifications:
• Cycle Time of 3 hours.
• Brushes: combined
• Cable Length 18 m + swivel
• Filter bag porosity - Fine micronic filtration.
• Suction Rate - 17m3 per hour
• Motor unit voltage - 24 VDC

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