99996201-E30 Dolphin Maytronics E30 pool robot

99996201-E30 Dolphin Maytronics E30 pool robot

Dolphin Maytronics E10 above ground pool robot

99996133 Dolphin Maytronics E10 above ground pool robot

E35 Dolphin Maytronics E35 pool robot

E35 Dolphin Maytronics pool robot with caddy

99996201-E30 Dolphin Maytronics E30 pool robot

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The new Dolphin E30 robot offers great ease of use thanks to the new active brush technology and its ultra-light weight. Effectively cleans the bottom, the walls and the waterline of underground and above ground pools up to 15 m long.

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The perfect pool robot for underground and above-ground pools up to 15 m in length. Light and easy to use, the Dolphin E30 cleans effectively floor, walls and water line, just in two hours.

PowerStream technology: robot ensures grip on all surfaces of the pool (floor, walls and waterline), in any condition and type of coating. So aspiration and total pool cleaning are guaranteed

CleverClean system: Advanced Program for a perfect cleaning, robot scans all pool's parts.

Active Brushing system: the brush rotation is twice faster than the movement of the robot. Thats allows an easily cleaning of persistant dirt (algae or bacteria) regardless pool's coating type.

4 + 4 filtration: two interchangeable filter cartridge kit are included:
- kit 4 pcs. ultra-fine 70 micron for macro dirt (leaves, hair, insects ..)
- kit 4 pcs. ultra-fine 30 micron for micro dirt (sand, dust etc ..)

In this way you can choose the type of filtration according to the dirt in the pool. The filter panels are easily removables and interchangeable.

Dolphin pool's robot E30, features and benefits:

  • Efficient cleaning of bottom, walls and waterline of the pool in two hours.
  • The replaceable filter system allows suction of any types of dirt and debris
  • Clever Clean scan system optimizes pool's cleaning time
  • Total pool cleaning are guaranteed by PowerStream technology
  • Low energy consumption
  • Automatic shutdown at the end of the cleaning cicle
  • Lightweight, easy to carry
  • It empties quickly from the water, without releasing dirt and debris
  • DIY Maintenance
  • Suitable to small pools.
  • Warranty 24 months

Technical features:

  • Cycle: 2 hours
  • Cable: 18m
  • Filtration: Two cartridge kit (30 microns and 70 microns)
  • Suction rate: 17 m³ per hour
  • Power Supply: IP 54
  • Motor: 24 VDC
  • Caddy: not included
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