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99996201-E30 Dolphin Maytronics E30 pool robot

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99996201-E30 Dolphin Maytronics E30 pool robot

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The new Dolphin E30 robot offers great ease of use thanks to the new technology and its ultra light weight. Effectively cleans the bottom, walls and waterline of in-ground and above-ground pools up to 12m in length.



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Dolphin E30 pool robot
The perfect robot for in-ground and above-ground pools up to 12 m in length.

Lightweight and easy to use, it effectively vacuums the bottom, walls and waterline of the pool in just two hours.

Overall, the Dolphin E30 is the best-selling Maytronics pool robot in the world. It adapts to all types of pools up to 6x12, with slopes and small diving areas. Moreover, it cleans steps and relaxation areas without hesitation and is already equipped with a combined basket for cleaning macro and micro dirt. In addition to the basket, there are two other cartridges for collecting the micro dirt.

For more than 30 years Maytronics has been a leader in the production of pool cleaning robots offering the widest range of solutions available from a single company, with a Dolphin robot for every type of pool, from small above ground to Olympic size.
Maytronics products adapt to every need and every pool, they reach every corner, they climb the walls and clean the water line.

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Zavattishop is official sales and assistance, for malfunctions or breakdowns, the robot will be collected and checked directly at our office by our technicians. We check the robots by carrying out accurate tests that allow us to identify any type of defect.

Technical characteristics of the Dolphin E30 robot:

  •     Work cycle: 2 hours
  •     Cable length: 18 m
  •     Net weight: 7.5 kg
  •     Filtration: combined basket for collecting macro and micro dirt + 2 ultra-fine cartridges
  •     Suction capacity: 17 m³ / h
  •     Power supply: IP54 digital transformer
  •     Maximum transformer output voltage: 30V-DC
  •     Input voltage: 110-130 V-AC / 220-230 V-AC / 50 - 60 Hz
  •     Motor unit voltage: 24 VDC - IP68
  •     Transport trolley: not included
  •     Active brushing system: active brush for cleaning the most stubborn dirt
  •     Total coverage of the pool thanks to the PowerStream movement system
  •     Low energy consumption
  •     Clever Clean advanced scanning program: optimizes the cleaning time of the pool because it scans the parts not yet treated
  •     Automatic shutdown at the end of the cycle time
  •     Top opening to facilitate access to the filter and simplify cleaning
  •     It works correctly with temperatures from 6 ° to 34 °
  •     Warranty: 2 years

The front active brush of the Dolphin E30 pool robot polishes both the surface and the walls of the pool, oxygenating the water, at the same time, creating a real hydro effect. Oxygenation in a swimming pool is a key feature for having bacteriologically pure water.

The Dolphin E30 is already equipped with a combined basket for collecting both macro and micro dirt. In addition, in addition there are two other extra cartridges for collecting the micro dirt.

On, the Dolphin E30 is also available in the Dolphin E35 version with the addition of the trolley, and in the Dolphin E40i version, more technological with trolley and bluetooth transformer App My Dolphin dedicated to be able to program the robot and drive it remotely.

Thanks to the new PowerStream technology, the Dolphin E30 pool robot guarantees continuous adherence to all pool surfaces (bottom, walls and water line), in any condition and type of coating. This optimizes the suction and total cleaning of the pool.

CleverClean system: Advanced program for flawless cleaning that allows the robot to scan all parts of the pool.

Active Brushing System: Active brush in which the rotation of the same is twice faster than the speed of movement of the robot. This allows you to easily clean the most stubborn dirt (algae or bacteria) regardless of the type of coating, and to move more precisely in the pool.

Before saying goodbye, I want to tell you a little curiosity: did you know that your Dolphin pool robot can save you over 70% of electricity? Yes, exactly! In fact, an average pool robot filters over 15 m3 / h exactly like a professional filtration system, but the absorption of a cleaner never exceeds 180w, therefore much less than a normal filtration pump. Therefore, I recommend that you use your new Dolphin pool robot every 2 days or in any case, to clean up the water after a storm or perhaps after a day of bathing, with friends and relatives.

What if your pool robot starts throwing a tantrum? No problem! Contact our Maytronics Authorized Service Center. We also have a showroom and a warehouse with all products ready for delivery and with home delivery in 24-48 hours. If you have any doubts or need information, I am at your complete disposal. I leave you my contact details: you can call me at 334/1491755 or send me a message via WhatsApp or iMessage. Alternatively, an email to

In addition, if you always like to have an absolutely sanitized body of water and enjoy it in total relaxation, I suggest you maybe even equip yourself with the exclusive hi-tech pool analyzer! I'm talking about the indispensable Blue Connect, which via the App can allow you to enjoy your pool and monitor it anywhere on your smartphone. Our “Conny Blue” can notify you of the following values: temperature, Ph, ORP, Oxygenation / conductivity.

Greetings, Danny!


Dolphin E30 is part of the Zavatti EXCLUSIVE LINE.
Zavatti is not only an official dealer but also a service center, you can find us on the official Maytronics website.

EXCLUSIVE LINE: the + reliable + ecological + performing robots of the Dolphin line.
FOCUS CLEAN SYSTEM: focusing / recognition of dirty areas in the pool.
Thanks to the CleverClean scanning system, the robot scans and knows the pool.
GEO SMART SYSTEM: In the first 5 minutes the cleaner carries out a diagnosis of the dimensions and obstacles of the pool, thus optimizing the remaining minutes of the cleaning cycle.
Thanks to the Wall Detector system, the robot ensures an optimized coverage of the pool of any shape, recognizing the walls accurately.
ECOPOWER SYSTEM: maximum power only when needed, thus optimizing consumption. The suction force is maximized only in case of need.
FLOATING CABLE of the latest generation.
ECOLOGICAL ROBOT made with recyclable materials:
- over 1000 cleaning cycles guaranteed with the same ultra-resistant filter, reduction of waste and waste
- ultra-resistant brushes, guaranteed over 1000 cycles
- intelligent digital transformer with automatic voltage regulation
- great energy savings, the robot cleans and oxygenates the water with a consumption of 150W, one tenth of the consumption of the filtration system. The waste of water due to backwashing and the consumption of chemical products are reduced.

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