Dolphin E40i by Maytronics robot pool cleaner Timer Bluetooth caddy

Dolphin E40i by Maytronics robot pool cleaner with IOT technology

E35 Dolphin Maytronics E35 pool robot

E35 Dolphin Maytronics pool robot with caddy

Dolphin E40i by Maytronics robot pool cleaner with IOT technology

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Dolphin E40i by Maytronics pool robot with MULTI-LEVEL-FILTER, MyDolphin App and Caddy trolley. Thanks to the new MyDolphin Plus App you can choose from multiple functions: variable cleaning cycles, weekly timer and advanced cleaning options.



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Dolphin E40i by Maytronics pool robot with MULTI-LEVEL-FILTER, MyDolphin Plus App and Caddy trolley.

Maytronics and are always on the crest of the wave and ready to launch huge exclusives on the market. For example, for cleaning your swimming pool, you may be interested in learning more about the Dolphin E40i, a top-of-the-range and latest generation cleaner, complete with Caddy, the original trolley for quick and easy transport of your robot. This practical accessory, in addition to making it easier for you to move the cleaner, is also the power supply / transformer holder, so you always have everything under control.

For more than 30 years Maytronics has been a leader in the production of pool cleaning robots offering the widest range of solutions available from a single company, with a Dolphin robot for every type of pool, from small above ground to Olympic size.
Maytronics products adapt to every need and every pool, they reach every corner, they climb the walls and clean the water line.

Why choose Maytronics?





Zavattishop is official sales and assistance, for malfunctions or breakdowns, the robot will be collected and checked directly at our office by our technicians. We check the robots by carrying out accurate tests that allow us to identify any type of defect.

Another characterizing aspect of the Dolphin E40i Maytronics is the App that allows you to guide it, in the true sense of the word, during its work cycle in the pool. By downloading “My Dolphin Plus”, in fact, you can create a customized cleaning program for your robot (day and time). In addition, it will be possible to maneuver it by hand, leading it to specific areas and corners of the pool, by dragging the controller in the desired directions. In this way, cleaning hard-to-reach places quickly and efficiently will no longer be a problem!

The App also includes additional cleaning methods that allow you to adapt its action to specific needs. For example, the "Floor Only" option which focuses on the pool floor, removing more dirt from the bottom, without spending time scrubbing the walls.

The Dolphin E40i pool robot is able to clean steps and relaxation areas without hesitation and is equipped with a double filter basket.
The first basket is composed of 4 ultrafine 30 micron cartridges for collecting micro dirt (sand, dust, etc.) while the second basket, which can be inserted in the first, has the purpose of collecting the largest debris, leaving the filtering surface of the cartridges, dedicated precisely to micro dirt.

Features and benefits of the Dolphin E40i pool robot:

- Effectively vacuum the bottom, walls and water line of the pool with cycles of 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 hours.
- Selections of multiple cleaning options including bottom and walls, ultra clean, bottom and waterline only.
- Basket with ultra-fine cartridge kit (for micro dirt) + multi-level-filter basket.
- Active brush that increases cleaning efficiency.
- Advanced Clever Clean scanning program, optimizes the cleaning time of the pool because it scans the parts not yet treated.
- Total pool coverage thanks to the PowerStream movement system.
- Low energy consumption.
- Automatic shutdown at the end of the cycle time.
- Top opening to facilitate access to the filter and simplify cleaning
- Lightweight and easy to carry
- Quick release of water without debris
- Suitable for pools with heights ranging from 40 cm to 5 meters.
- Works correctly with temperatures from 6 ° to 34 °.
- Do-It-Yourself Maintenance.
- Suitable for in-ground and above-ground pools
- Transport trolley included
- Weekly timer and manual navigation thanks to the Bluetooth My Dolphin application
- 36 months warranty
Technical characteristics of the Dolphin E40i by Maytronics robot:
- Work cycle: 1 / 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 hours
- Cable length: 18m with Swivel
- Net weight: 7.5 kg
- Filtration: basket with 30 micron cartridge kit + multi-level-filter insertable basket
- Suction capacity: 17 m³ / h
- Power supply: IP54 digital transformer
- Maximum transformer output voltage: 30V-DC
- Input voltage: 110-130 V-AC / 220-230 V-AC / 50 - 60 Hz
- Motor unit voltage: 24 VDC - IP68
- Transport trolley: included

The front active brush, as for most Dolphin Maytronics pool robots, continuously scratches and degreases the surface of the pool and when it reaches the wall, at the water level, creates a real hydro effect, guaranteeing oxygenation of the water itself.


It is the brand new transformer connected to the Maytronics Cloud that connects you to your robot 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Allows you to manage the robot remotely and receive proactive notifications via the App.

The transformer has a single button. The colored LEDs show the status of the cleaner and make it easier to understand.
- BLUE = the transformer is on
- GREEN = Weekly timer inserted
- RED = error

Thanks to the new IoT transformer you can connect to your robot not only via Wi-Fi but also via Bluetooth.

What can you do with the MyDolphin Plus App?

- Programmable cleaning
- Work cycle selection
- Cleaning in manual mode
- Weekly Timer with which you can decide the automatic activation of the cleaner - every day - every two days - every 3 days.
-  Deferred departure
-  Quick Launch
- Programs and actions the cleaner remotely.
- Receive alerts and notifications, robot software updates with the latest features. In addition, the proactive service allows Maytronics to send alerts and advice for maintenance.

MULTI-LEVEL-FILTER: Very efficient filtration, without clogging. Simultaneously separates and filters coarse and ultra-fine dirt with clogging filtration. It can be extracted for easier cleaning.
The perfect robot for in-ground and above-ground pools up to 12 m in length. Lightweight and easy to use, the Dolphin E40i effectively vacuums the bottom, walls and waterline of the pool in just two hours.
Ultra-fine filtration + multi level filter - The robot is supplied with:
- Basket with 4 ultra-fine 30 micron cartridges for collecting micro dirt (sand, dust, etc.)
- Multi-level-filter insertable basket that collects the largest debris, leaving the filtering surface of the cartridges more free, dedicated to micro dirt.
This allows you to choose the type of filtration according to the dirt present in the pool. The filter panels are obviously removable and easily interchangeable on the filter basket.
Furthermore, the multi-level-filter basket can be used as needed, inserting and removing it is very simple.

The two-stage filter was created to separate the largest debris from the micro dirt, considerably reducing the cleaning time of the filter, like the exclusive and more expensive S300 model.

Equipped with trolley for transport
Thanks to the new PowerStream technology, the robot guarantees continuous adherence to all surfaces of the pool (bottom, walls and water line), in any condition and type of coating. This optimizes the suction and total cleaning of the pool.

CleverClean system: Advanced program for flawless cleaning that allows the robot to scan all parts of the pool.
Active Brushing System: Double active brush in which the rotation of the same is twice faster than the movement speed of the robot. This allows you to easily clean the most stubborn dirt (algae or bacteria) regardless of the type of coating, and to move more precisely in the pool.

Dolphin E40i is part of the Zavatti EXCLUSIVE LINE.
Zavatti is not only an official dealer but also a service center, you can find us on the official Maytronics website.

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