Liquid anti-algae of 5 LT

Chemical pool product algaecide - 5 Lt

Chemical pool product algaecide - 5 Lt

100% of 100

Specific product that eliminates and prevents the formation of algae and fungus in the pool. Non-foaming. Keeps the water crystal clear. 


Anti algae ALGASTOP super concentrated 5 lt.

Anti-algae chemical product superconcentrated
Specific product to eliminate and prevent the growth of algae in your public or private pool.
Chemical product certificated.
Algae are plant micro-organisms carried by the wind and the rain that make water green. They make slippery both the walls and the floor of the pool giving an unpleasant appearance. In order to prevent this annoying problem, we recommend the use of specific products with regular doses.
Important: Insert algaecides slowly into the skimmer after dilution in water. Preferably in the evening.
For indoor pools all doses should be halved and the frequency reduced depending on the conditions of use.

Concentrated and non-foaming algaecide
It prevents and eliminates algae, fungus and bacteria. It exerts a very strong action algaecide, antifungal and bactericidal synergistic to chlorine. ALGASTOP exerts a strong flocculating power.
Use and dose
Initial treatment: 50-100 g / m³.
Maintenance: 20-30 g / m³.
Use with appropriate dosing systems or dispersed directly in the pool
Poliquaternari ammonium long chain 5-15%.
Warnings and information notes
Biodegradability 90%.

This product is registered at the Italian Institute of Health (Istituto Superiore di Sanità, ISS) with code 64800-4.
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