Dolphin Maytronics E10 above ground pool robot

99996133 Dolphin Maytronics E10 above ground pool robot

Robot Dolphin E30

99996201-E30 Dolphin Maytronics E30 pool robot

99996133 Dolphin Maytronics E10 above ground pool robot

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Dolphin E10 is the first Maytronics cleaner suitable for small and above ground pools like Laghetto, Intex and Gré. Cleans the bottom of the pool and the first 40cm of the walls in an hour and a half.

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The color of the robot may vary based on availability.

Dolphin E10 by Mytronics is the first robot suitable for small pools, especially above-ground Laghetto, Intex and Gré up to 8 meters. This new combines high-level technical design at an affordable price, suitable for those who want to enter the pool cleaner robot world.

In an hour and a half scans and cleans the bottom of the pool and, thanks to the double-speed rotating brush, clear even the most difficult points. The basket allows ultra fine dirt holding and to be easily cleaned.

The extreme lightness and flexibility of the robot pool cleaner Dolphin E10 will make pleasant the process of cleaning the tub and turn it into an accessory indispensable.

Technical characteristics of the robot for above ground pool Dolphin E10:

  • Brush, Scratch sucks the bottom and the top 40cm of the walls of the pool in an hour and a half.
  • The filtering basket ultra-fine large that collects debris and is easy to clean
  • advanced program to scan the pool for optimal pool coverage.
  • The pro environment because the process requires fewer chemicals.
  • Low voltage - low energy consumption.
  • Automatic shutdown at the end of the cycle time.
  • Avoid obstacles.
  • Mechanism of protection of the engine in case of overload
  • easy maintenance DIY
  • Suitable for small and above ground pools.
  • This robot is suitable for pools with height from 40 centimeters to 5 meters.
  • It works correctly with temperatures from 6 to 34 degrees.
  • 24 month warranty.

Why use simple effortless

high opening for better access to the filter and easy cleaning
Lightweight and easy to carry
Rapid release of water without loss of debris

Crystalline cleaning results

Action brush active at double speed that eliminates algae and bacteria
Ultra fine filtration system easy to use and quick to install
collecting dirt efficiently - collects the fine and coarse debris


Reliability guaranteed by Maytronics, the leader in pool cleaner robot industry for 30 years
Quick and easy to repair


  • cycle time 1.5 hours
  • cable length 12m (40ft)
  • Easy-clean net porosity filter canister
  • Weight 6.3kg (13.9 lbs)
  • Suction rate 15 m³ per hour
  • 24 VDC voltage motor drives
  • Power Supply Voltage IP 54 - Output less than 30 VDC
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