Robot pulitore piscina Dolphin Maytronics Mega Pro X Timer telecomando

Dolphin Maytronics Mega PRO X Timer Pool robot

Dolphin Maytronics Mega PRO X Timer Pool robot

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Dolphin Maytronics Mega PRO X Timer Pool robot with cycle timer, 30 m anti-twisting cable and remote control. Cleans bottom, corners, diving area and pool walls. Suitable for swimming pools up to 25 meters in length with variable height, with steps or Roman stairs.


DOLPHIN MEGA PROX WITH CABLE 30 M with antitwist SWIVEL system.
Specific electric robot for cleaning swimming pools up to 25 m long.

ELECTRONIC TRANSFORMER WITH WEEKLY TIMER. Thanks to the new transformer Dolphin Maytronics with WEEKLY TIMER you have the possibility to decide the automatic switching on of the cleaner every day, every two days, every 3 days.

DOLPHIN MEGA PRO X has a Remote Control to program different cleaning cycles and an anti-twisting cable.

Dolphin Mega ProX is equipped with 4WD system:
The four brushes, matched to the suction pump always running, keep the cleaner in alignment even in case of diving area / hopper.
The 4WD system allows the robot to overcome steep slopes while maintaining excellent precision cleaning.


  • Caddy: included
  • Pvc brushes
  • swivel cable 30 m
  • Cleaning cycle: 2,3,4 hours
  • Suction power: 21 mc / h
  • Motor voltage: 24 VDC
  • Protection: IP 68
  • Output voltage: less than 30 VDC
  • Intelligent: it recognizes and avoids obstacles
  • Automatic off: the cleaner turns itself off at the end of the cleaning cycle
  • Total warranty 30 months (24 months Dolphin + 6 months extended warranty by Zavatti)


The remote Control unit offers two operation modes: Automatic mode and Manual direction control mode.
In Automatic mode, all cleaning parameters ca be changed.
In Manual direction mode, the Pool Cleaner direction can be controlled manually.

With Automatic mode:

  • You can choose cleaning cycle time: 2, 3 or 4 hour;

  • You can determine when the pool cleaner starts work;

  • You can choose cleaning mode: floor and wall cleaning, stonger suction and slower movement (floor and cove cleaning only), floor only, walls only.

 Manual direction control mode:

  • Press the ON/OFF button once. The RCU start-up in Manual Direction control mode.

  • To manualy control the direction of the cleaner, utilise the Direction control arrows.

  • To exit the Manual direction control mode press Manual/Automatic selection button once only.

  • The Digital screen will light up and three rows of functionicons will show in default mode.

  • To change the parameters press the up or down arrows. To choose the parameter settings use the right or left arrows.

  • When you reach the required function press Set/OK button.


  • FOCUS CLEAN SYSTEM: It recognizes the dirtiest areas
  • GEO SMART SYSTEM: Advanced self-learning scanning program, optimizing pool coverage
  • ECOPWER SYSTEM: It regulates its power in order to optimize consuptions
  • Made with recyclables materials
  • Floating cable of last generation

OVER 1000 CYCLES with the same filter bag, less waste

BAG FILTER ultra-resistant guaranteed over 1000 cycles

PVC BRUSHES ULTRA-RESISTANT guaranteed over 1000 cycles

INTELLIGENT POWER SUPPLY with automatic tension adjustment


  • Connect the cable to the power supply. Ensure that the Power Supply is positioned at least 3 meters from pool. Place the Power Supply in the shade. DO NOT USE AN EXTENSION CABLE IN ANY CASE.
  • If the Dolphin is fitted with combined or wonder brushes, gently squeeze the brushes until they are soaked with water.
  • Release minimal required floating cable lenght to ensure proper pool coverage. Leave excess cable rolled outside the pool.
  • After each cleaning cycle take the Dolphin out of the water to prevent accelerated wear on of plastc parts.
  • After each cleaning cycle wash the filter bag. A clogged filter bag reduces cleaning efficiency. Once every two moths wash the filter bag in a washing machine.
  • If your Dolphin is equipped with wonder brushes rinse them in running water.
  • Often control water temperature, ph and chlorine levels.
  • Once a week unplug the cable from the power supply and loose the tangles.
  • At the end of the cleaning cycle store the pool in a shady place on its caddy or upside down.
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