Easy kit basic, kit DIY pool 3 x 6 x h 1.50, skimmer

Easy kit basic, kit DIY pool 3 x 6 x h 1.50, skimmer

Easy kit basic, kit DIY pool 4 x 8 x h 1.50, skimmer

Easy kit basic, kit DIY pool 4 x 8 x h 1.50, skimmer

Easy kit basic, kit DIY pool 3 x 6 x h 1.50, skimmer

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DIY kit to build your inground, semi inground or above ground pool.
With EASYBLOK formwork structure.
BACKPACK filter block monobloc pipeless.
Complete with reinforced PVC sheet and 3-step ladder.


Pool kit DIY with EASYBLOK by Zavatti and filtering pipeless monobloc.
With this system it's easy to build a concrete swimming pool.

With Zavatti pool kit Basic it's quickly and easy realize rectangular swimming pool.
EPS walls, a material with closed-cell technology which, unlike common polystyrene, guarantees a high degree of resistance to water and humidity infiltrations.
To build the pool just couple the interlocking modules, taking care to reinforce each line. Then we proceed to the casting inside the formwork to form a reinforced concrete wall.
With this kit you can create an inground pool, a semi inground pool or an above ground pool.


Kit basic pool DIY 


Easyblok is in straight modules:
- length 125 cm
- height 30 cm / 25 cm
- depth 25 cm
- density PS30

Estimated quantity of reinforced concrete: 0.12 m³ per m².

The innovative monobloc pipeless filtering system is easy to install.
It is a professional cartridge filter monobloc that can be positioned in any type of swimming pool.
All the systems are in the monobloc (skimmer, vents, pipes, filter ..) so it is really simple to install and use it.

- rectangular swimming pool
- Skimmer filtration
- Internal dimensions: 3 x 6 m
- Pool structure dimensions: 3.50 x 6.50 m
- Structure height: 1.5 m
- Water height: 1.40 m
- Surface: 18 m²
- Internal perimeter: 18 m
- External perimeter: 20 m
- Volume: 27 cubic meters

- EASYBLOK formworks: 80 pcs (2 pallets)
- Locking keys: 50 pcs
- Polyurethane cloth: h 1.40 m x 18 m
- Reinforced aluminium profile: 20 m (5 pieces)
- Ladder with 3 steps: 1 pc
- Reinforced PVC sheet - with thickness 1.5 mm - to be heat-sealed: approximately 82.50 m² (n. Of coils 2) *
- Dye for pvc: 1 lt
- Webbing tape: 18 m
- Filtering pipeless monobloc model: FB12/B Standard

* The PVC covering is available in 4 colours: white, lagoon blue, dark gray and black.
Please, indicate the desired colour in the order notes.

Pvc colours

The reinforced PVC cover sheet of the swimming pool construction kits is beautiful and lasts over time.
The special lacquering makes it super smooth, resistant to chlorine, resistant to UV rays and atmospheric agents. In this way the colour remains intense and bright.
Resists limescale, resists grease and fungi and bacteria.
Special weave with polyester mesh in the centre.
It is necessary to heat-seal the sheet on site with a hot leister or a phoon.


Standard equipment
– Removable cover with mechanical safety
– Junction box
– Burried part with:
The filtration pump (12 m³/h)
The options
– Two filtration cartridges with 2 baskets
– Skimmers, two opens for water aspiration
– 1 directional heavy flow rate

Techniques datas:
– Filtration pump 12m3/h 0,5Kw
– 2 cartridges
* Area: 4.5 m²
* Fineness: 25µ
– LED light: 30 Led – 4.5 W
– BODY: ABS-PMMA materials (thermoformed)

Filtrinov FB/12

The kit is accompanied by a 2-year full warranty on the electronic components.
The pvc coating has a 10-year guarantee.

- Excavation
- Concrete slab
- Easyblok installation and reinforcement
- Concrete casting in the formwork
- Laying of reinforced PVC sheet
- Installation of the monobloc filtration system

Struttura piscina interrata con casseri Easyblok


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