Seamaid 502839 standard PAR56 led pool lamp 90 RGB LEDs with 16W remote control

Seamaid 502839 PAR56 led pool lamp 90 RGB LEDs 16w, with remote control

Seamaid 502815 standard PAR56 led pool lamp white 60 Led 13,5W

Seamaid 502815, standard PAR56 led pool lamp, white 60 Led 13,5W

Seamaid 502839 PAR56 led pool lamp 90 RGB LEDs 16w, with remote control

93% of 100

SeaMaid RGB LED lamp with universal standard PAR 56 connection, remote control and new flat optic with high luminous performance.

Suitable for replacing old 300W halogen lamps


SeaMaid LEDINPOOL - Replacement

The PAR56 lamp is the ideal solution to replace your 300W incandescent lamp.
This universal lamp is compatible with most projectors on the market, and represents excellent value for money.

Thanks to the completely flat optics and the 120 ° diffusion angle, this lamp allows to illuminate a pool up to 10 x 5 meters in a perfectly harmonious and unobtrusive manner.

The SeaMaid lamps are compatible on existing niches PAR56.
ABS shell with screw terminal molded into the body.
Polycarbonate lens ultrasonically welded.

The firing order is done from the main control panel of the pool.

seamaid standard par56 led pool lamp for replacement

PS: this lamp is the new version that replaces the old standard PAR56 RGB lamps with 270 LED on / off (code 500736) and with remote control (code 500682). It also replaces the 30W High Power versions with and without remote control (code 501399 and 501405) of the previous years.

Enhance your pool with this Seamaid pool light. With a wide variety of colors and programs you can choose the right atmosphere for every occasion!

The new remote control, with a modern and captivating design, is equipped with an integrated antenna on the electronic board whose signal is no longer altered by the user's hand (human magnetic field).

Each remote control version is compatible with all other versions of RGB lamps and projectors.

FOR ALL EXISTING POOLS: the SEAMAID LED PAR56 LED lamps are standard and can replace all existing PAR56 lamps, regardless of the brand of the lighthouse.

FOR SWIMMING POOLS TO BE CARRIED OUT cable with a cross section 2 × 1.5 mm enough to realize the electrical installation of the transformer and the lamp with a financial gain important in the face of the price of the lamp.
This lamp allows you to use the transformers smaller therefore less expensive and consume less.
Very easy to install and use is practically indestructible (ABS and polycarbonate). The outer lens ultrasonically welded ensures a perfect seal.

Resistant: A polycarbonate injection gives the lamp a very high resistance to shocks, heat and chemical reactions with water treatment products. Two built-in screw-in terminals guarantee the strength of the 12V power cable connection.
Reliable and safe: pool light developed specifically for aquatic lighting. Allows to obtain a homogeneous and harmonious light distribution. It is not dangerous or annoying to the eyes.
Economical: The LED light allows major savings, both for users (energy efficiency) and professionals, when constructing a pool. A 2x1.5mm² cable connected to a 20W protected toroidal transformer is sufficient for installing a SeaMAID PAR56 lamp. This allows for savings on materials and labor.


  • Color temperature: multicolored RGB
  • N. of LEDs: 90 LEDs
  • Programs: 11 fixed colors and 5 automatic programs
  • Power on / off: On / Off + 433 Mhz radio control
  • Luminous efficiency: 510 lm
  • V. / Hz .: ~12v / 50-60Hz
  • Power: 16 W
  • Ra / CRI:> 70
  • Lighting range: 120 °
  • Insulation class: CLASS III
  • Degree of protection: IP68
  • LED life:> 15,000 h
  • Switching cycles:> 100,000
  • Use: only underwater
  • Material: polycarbonate
  • Cable connection: 2 metal screw terminals
  • Maximum installation depth: 1 mt

Warranty: 3 year (must be activated online)

The system offers 16 programs including 11 static colours and 5 automatic modes.
The control is made manually by the remote controller provided and also by short cuts of the current.
Each fast cut of the current (less than 2 seconds) makes change the programs. After a cut of more than 10 seconds, the lamp retains the last program used.
The use of the remote controller requires positioning in front of the lamp at a maximum distance of 10 meters, with the antenna unfolded. The presence of metal near the projector or too deep immersion can restrict the use of the remote control even at a very short distance from 1 to 2 meters.
The first use of the remote control requires a configuration with its receiver.

Remote control configuration procedure:

  • Install the battery in the remote controller and switch on the projector
  • Switch it OFF for a minimum of 20 seconds and turn ON the current again
  • Make fast OFF/ON/OFF/ON from the power supply of the lamp(s)
  • Press the buttons O & S together during 5 second
  • Each lamp connected flash several times to valid the pairing and keep a static colour

Press several times the button C or P until obtaining the colour or the desired program.


  • Always check that the connection of the power cables of the spotlight is perfectly waterproof. When replacing a PAR56 lamp, always change the headlight joint that has overheated and deformed.
  • Always use connectors that ensure optimal contact of the electrical cables. Check that the connection is perfectly waterproof by favoring IP68 connectors or by adding insulating gel in the connection box.
  • Always connect a pool spotlight to a double coil insulating safety transformer, the output voltage must be 12 Volts. In case of unstable secondary voltage or higher than the standard tolerances, it is essential to install a stabilization and / or limiting instrument upstream of the electrical panel.
  • These pool lamps must be connected to a two-coil insulated safety transformer that is at least 20% more powerful then the total absorber power.
    Upon assembly, it is necessary to lubricate (lubricating tube provided) the rear part of the lamp to allow easier fixing of the waterproof bell and to change the sheath of the latter if already used.
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