Blue Connect Plus by Astralpool Fluidra digital analyzer

Blue Connect Plus by Astralpool Fluidra digital analyzer

Blue Connect by Astralpool Fluidra analizzatore digitale

Blue Connect by Astralpool Fluidra digital analyzer

Blue Extender connettore Wi Fi per Blue Connect

Blue Extender - Wi Fi connect for Blue Connect

Blue Connect Plus by Astralpool Fluidra digital analyzer

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Blue Connect Plus is the intelligent analyzer that monitors your 24/24 pool. Measure the main parameters of the pool: water temperature, pH, disinfectant concentration (ORP) and water conductivity through the convenient app for Android and iOS. Blue Fit 50 included in this version.


The intelligent analyzer that monitors your 24/24 pool. The solution to take care and enjoy only the best of the pool.

Blue Connect Plus, the intelligent analyzer, is a device that combines the water quality sensor with an intelligent algorithm that combines precise data on water status, temperature and users. Blue Connect Plus, thanks to its app, will help you take care of your swimming pool 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, wherever you are. Blue Connect works in every type of pool and is installed in just 3 minutes. It can be placed directly in the tank.

Blue Connect Plus allows you to be constantly updated on the water status of your pool avoiding the use of inconvenient and sometimes approximate manual gauges such as test kits or test strips, allowing you to act in a systematic and timely manner in maintaining of water balance.

This guarantees time and chemical savings and always perfect water without worries.

Blue Connect Plus measures the main parameters of the pool: pH, temperature, ORP and conductivity. All pool information available 24 hours a day via smartphone app.

The application, downloadable directly from smartphones (Play Store and App Store), is always connected via the Sigfox network, or via Bluetooth and does not require any type of subscription. The free sigfox network works worldwide and constantly. If the Blue Connect is installed indoors, it will be necessary to purchase the Blue Extender, a Wifi connector to use it remotely without Bluetooth (accessory present in related products).

The Plus version of the application (present in this product) allows you to record data as a real expert:

  • History of all measurements
  • Weather
  • Custom notifications
  • Multiple users

The Blue Fit50 is a charging collar, compatible with the Blue Connect device. Allows the installation of Blue Connect Plus in the technical room (machine room) and is included in this version of Blue Connect (normally it is an accessory).

Contents of the Blue Connect Plus box

  • Blue Connect
  • Blue Fit 50
  • Instruction manual

Technical features

253 mm x 96 mm
711 g

Standard protection
IPx8 standard
Resistant to UV rays
Resistant to chlorine

Innovative multi-function sensor
Measurement: from 0 to 14
Measurement error: + - 0.1
Accuracy: 0.1
Water temperature
Measurement: from 5 to 50 ° C
Measurement error: + - 0.2 ° C
Accuracy: 0.1 ° C
Redox / ORP
Measurement: from 0 to 999 mV
Measurement error: + - 20mV
Accuracy: 1 mV
Rating: from 250 to 15,000 μS / cm
Measurement error: + - 10%
Accuracy: 1 μS / cm

Sigfox, Bluetooth Smart (BLE)
Type: Lithium Thionyl Chloride battery replaceable by the end user.
Battery life: 24 months.

User interactions
iOS (From iOS 9.3 versions, iPhone 4S)
Android (From Android 4.3 and bluetooth 4 versions)

Blue Connect: 24 months
Sensors: 24 months

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